Regarding the May 11 editorial “Straight shooting”:

One night after 11 p.m., my wife woke me because someone was standing on our deck. I grabbed a handgun, loaded it and found two men with bags on the deck. My wife called 911, and we waited. Fortunately, the potential burglars bumped into a trash can and halted. They stayed on the deck for about 10 or 15 minutes and had been gone at least five minutes by the time a police car arrived. The police did not catch the burglars. If I had a smart gun that required me to locate and put on a matching watch, it would have been safer for burglars but not for people requiring protection.

If I were on a jury, and it was shown that some individual had threatened a gun store owner who wanted to sell a smart gun, I would vote guilty — although I now thoroughly believe that the so-called smart gun is just another avenue of attack on the people’s right to own firearms.

Eugene Katzman, Silver Spring