Regarding the June 26 Food article “The sweet spot”:

For the past 13 weeks The Post has devoted a substantial part of its Food section to a contest among doughnut makers in the area. Obesity has been identified as one of our most serious health problems. It would seem that The Post would focus on foods that are nutritious and healthy instead. Although I like doughnuts, I don’t think they are something the Food section needs to promote.

The article began by noting that the testers “have loosened [their] belts a few notches.” That certainly is not healthy.

How can the Food section justify using three of eight pages, including the first page, for its review of doughnuts, while devoting three-quarters of a page to “smarter foods” [“Helping diners find healthful meals,” June 26]?It seems it should be the reverse.

Jim Thompson, McLean

Thanks for the yummy article on the best D.C. doughnuts, but where were the addresses for these dens of deliciousness?

Jerry Greenberg, Annapolis