Regarding the April 11 news article “Democrats embrace photos on Social Security cards”:

The Democratic answer to voter fraud is to have the 226 million Americans of voting age go somewhere to have their photos taken and then have the Social Security Administration reissue 226 million cards? How often will the photos have to be updated? Will the cost of this come from the overburdened and diminishing Social Security funds? Wouldn’t a better solution be to use the photo-identification system already in place: Driver’s licenses and non-driver’s licenses? These documents are state and county specific, easy to obtain and do not require the creation of a costly new system to create and distribute them.

Scot Walker, Falls Church

Advocates and opponents of Andrew Young’s well-intentioned proposal to add a photo to Social Security cards to make them a useful form of identification for voting and other purposes both miss a key point: One’s Social Security card is not intended to be an ID card. Indeed, a Social Security Administration circular titled “Identity Theft and Your Social Security Card” warns, “Do not routinely carry your card or other documents that display your number” because “someone illegally using your number and assuming your identity can cause a lot of problems.”

I am all for easing the path to the voting booth for the disenfranchised, but unless the new photo IDs have the Social Security numbers redacted, they will cause more problems than they cure.

Carol Oberdorfer, Dickerson