(Erika P. Rodriguez/For The Washington Post)

I am a Republican. I have run Republican campaigns, donated to Republicans and been an aide to a Republican elected official. But the prevailing winds of today’s Republican primary voters do not represent what I, or many of my Republican friends, signed up for.

I hear it every day from good, honest people who are the lifeblood of my party: precinct captains, small-dollar donors and faithful volunteers who have given countless hours to our cause. They are not a nebulous, faceless “establishment” that certain factions like to demonize for gain. They are just normal, everyday people who believe in low taxes, efficient government and opportunity for all Americans.

Today I find myself wandering through the wilderness with many other disaffected Republicans, wondering what happened to the party for which we worked so hard. A Washington Post-ABC News poll showed that almost 60 percent of Republicans want an outright ban on Muslims entering the country. I cannot think of a more anti-Republican and anti-conservative proposal. These positions do not represent the values for which my fellow Republicans fought.

In the coming months, my party may be overrun by those who hold these views, but it is my hope that these views are only temporary. After the election is over and these views have faded, I will join my friends in picking up whatever pieces remain and rebuilding our party one day at a time.

Kyle McDaniel, Fairfax