The sun rises behind an American flag posted outside of Petrunik's Kitchen, Door and Moore store at the old Eureka Department store in Windber, Pa., Wednesday. (Todd Berkey/AP)

So, now we are being rated by Gallup on how much pride we feel in our country [“A telling question: How proud are you to be an American?,” Charles Lane, op-ed, July 9], and the State Department is going to scrutinize “human rights” [“State Dept. panel to look into rights, ‘natural law’,” Politics & the Nation,” July 9]. My late mother, mildly misquoting Proverbs 16:18, used to warn me that “pride goeth before a fall,” and that one ought to be more concerned about one’s obligations than about one’s rights. Did no one else receive such teachings from their elders?

Thomas F. King, Silver Spring

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