Water engulfs a man during high tide on the Arabian Sea coast, in Mumbai on June 29. A study released last week shows that man-made climate change is responsible for most of the change in ocean surface temperatures near the equator across Asia, which in turn affect regional rainfall patterns including this monsoon. (Rajanish Kakade/Associated Press)

Regarding Hans A. von Spakovsky’s June 30 letter to the editor, “Prosecuting the First Amendment”:

As a concerned individual and parent, I do not need further research to help me comprehend the catastrophic impact of world population growth on the environment and our weather systems. One does not need to drive off a cliff to understand that a precipice is looming. The fact that 97 percent of the world’s scientists agree that climate change is real and 84 percent believe that this change is human-induced only serves to reinforce what I can clearly see happening to our planet.  

Organizations such as the Heritage Foundation (where Mr. von Spakovsky works) get a significant amount of their money from profits derived from the sale of fossil fuels. They perpetuate the notion that climate change is nonexistent or, worst case, a cyclical and self-correcting condition. While they have a First Amendment right to take those positions, doing so is equivalent of yelling in a crowded theatre that there is no fire when people can feel the heat and see the smoke.

Fraud is intentionally misrepresenting facts with knowledge of falsity resulting in injury or damage. It is an undisputed fact that planet Earth cannot support an infinite number of human beings. Is it fraud for an organization such as the Heritage Foundation to suggest that all is well in our world and we have nothing to worry about? Yes — if not legally, then morally.  

David Dunn, Fairfax Station