Regarding the Oct. 28 Metro article “Report to council on soccer deal is delayed”:

The proposed stadium in Buzzard Point would bring needed jobs to and anchor redevelopment in the neighborhood.

The deal’s creative approach looks at the needs of the broader city, not just one quadrant, now and into the future, which is what tax dollars are for.

The District should develop Buzzard Point, starting with the privately financed stadium, and reap the benefits, which the city administrator estimates would include a $2 return for every $1 of public money invested. The alternative is jobs and tax dollars leaving the District for Maryland or Virginia.

We can continue the debate about our transportation, education and public housing needs. But those issues shouldn’t be woven into the same blanket.

I have lived in the District for 11 years. I chose Southwest Washington three years ago as the place to purchase my first home. I’m proud to be a voter, taxpayer and condo owner in Ward 6. I am one of the many Southwest residents who support turning an underutilized parking lot into a 21st-century home for our playoff-bound D.C. United.

Jason Langsner, Washington