I was stunned to learn that law enforcement officials closed Interstate 270 to search for suspected bank robbers [Metro, March 12]. As a senior citizen, I don’t recall ever experiencing a police action of this magnitude, with such a show of force, even during the sniper attacks in 2002. In my opinion, this was excessive and dangerous, creating a major inconvenience for the public that is difficult to justify.

Donald DeNucci, North Potomac

Where is the outrage from Washington-area residents? Have we become so utterly resigned to police militarization, electronic surveillance and full-body scans that heavily armed local law enforcement agents completely shutting down a vital traffic artery and marching from innocent commuter to innocent commuter, demanding a full inspection of each vehicle doesn’t cause us to bat an eye? Do the police serve the citizens or is it the other way around?   

Ian Luria, Arlington