A peacock butterfly (Inachis io) flies over a flower in Apolda, Germany, on Sept. 19. (Martin Schutt/AFP/Getty Images)

Dana Milbank and others need to be reminded that if you let someone or something that has victimized you continue to affect your life, then that someone or something will have won ["Trump actually is making us crazy," Sunday Opinion, Sept. 24].

Chances are, many people's aches, anxieties and other symptoms may have already been present to some degree, and President Trump's election simply brought them to the fore.

Rather than continuing to be victimized, take action. See a doctor, as Milbank did, and address the symptoms head-on, or make another change in your life to help keep perspective.

Exercising and spending time in nature on a regular basis are just two suggestions.

Don't let one person or event continue to victimize you.

Constance M. Pena, Silver Spring