The Feb. 9 Metro article “Huge blaze guts Fairfax County development site” omitted one salient fact that may explain why the fire spread so fast and burned with such intensity: The apartment building under construction was built using wood framing above the first floor.

This is not the first time this construction technique has succumbed to such a conflagration. In 2015, an occupied Avalon apartment complex in Edgewater, N.J., burned to the ground after a fire was ignited by a maintenance worker’s blowtorch. So intense were the flames that the building’s sprinkler system was quickly overwhelmed. Astoundingly, the same building had previously burned down in 2000 while under construction.

As long as building codes continue to permit the use of less expensive wood construction of multistory buildings, we have not seen the last of these infernos. And renters and condo buyers living in such structures do so at their own peril.

W. Frick Curry, Falls Church