Most of the public ire during the recent destructive storm has been directed at Pepco. But in my Arlington neighborhood, Verizon wins the award for least competent.

While my electricity was finally restored after four days when out-of-state repair crews started arriving, restoration of my telephone/TV/Internet FiOS service took nine days, and some homes in my neighborhood took even longer. I logged more than three hours of cellphone calls, mostly on hold, to various call centers in Texas and California. The call center workers, whose job is to collect information on problems, schedule service calls and commiserate with customers, were nice but totally ineffective.

I stayed home several days waiting for scheduled repairmen, but no one showed up. And Verizon repairmen working at other neighborhood houses would not help us. Apparently someone at the Arlington dispatch center canceled all of our service calls and didn’t bother to tell us.

So while I would give Dominion Virginia Power a C for its performance, Verizon gets a D-minus.

Clay Woods, Arlington