The Post [“Syria’s bloody anniversary,” editorial, March 15] and Rep. Mike Rogers [“A red line we can’t let Assad cross,” op-ed, March 16] have both urged increased U.S. military action to help halt the carnage in Syria. Are we not doing enough? Are we ignoring our responsibility?

No. There is plenty of power and money in the Middle East to bring order to Syria, if only countries there would take more responsibility for their own neighborhood. Nor should we supply the leadership. Muslim countries should take the lead, perhaps with more assistance from the British, French and Germans.

After the huge amount of U.S. assets burned up in Iraq and Afghanistan, and given the huge national debt we are facing, we should not feel obligated to spend wealth or take a leadership role in Syria other than to provide for humanitarian relief. These days, our national interest requires us to rebuild our own infrastructure rather than spending on other people’s fights.

Giles M. Kelly, Washington