Dana Milbank made a great point in his Nov. 14 op-ed column, “The confederacy of takers,” but he didn’t go far enough. The “taker” states aren’t just living off my tax dollars (I was a resident of New York before moving to Washington, where I pay federal taxes but have no say in how my money is spent by the federal government), they are also biting the hand that feeds them by complaining that those of us who supported President Obama are ruining the country with our socialist ideas.

So I have an idea I know they will like: a constitutional amendment that no state gets more than 110 percent of the amount it gives the federal government  and, conversely, that no state gets back less than 90 percent of the amount it gives. Let’s limit the redistribution. Let the real “takers” live within their means for once. 

Toby Gati, Washington