Now that The Post has exposed the atrocious practices of the D.C. tax office, Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) can look outraged [“D.C. officials express anger over lost homes; group sounded alarm in 2012,” news, Sept. 10]. It is amazing how well the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue operates when it’s profiteering at the expense of confused or delinquent homeowners. (Just as disgusting is the city’s predatory efficiency at using armies of ticket-writers and myriad road camera installations to fill the city coffers under the guise of safe driving practices). The office is otherwise utterly incompetent or absent in support of homeowners in matters of debt or proper taxes due.

We have lost countless hours by phone and in person on repetitive petitions to rebut errors in home tax assessment or illegitimate penalties that are robotically mailed without being checked. My thanks to The Post for exposing predation and lack of oversight.

Dale Appleman, Washington