Regarding the Nov. 20 Metro article “Bye-bye Bei Bei (Bei Bei goodbye)”:

In a way, Bei Bei saved me. He arrived at a time when I needed a place away from the noise and fury, the mish and mash of what my daily life had become. It seemed to be only setbacks, astonishment at what was unfolding before me in my country and family. It seemed I’d never be in a happy place. My sense of well-being shredded, humor lost, patience waned, anger and angst flared. It was not good at all. With impeccable timing, Bei Bei became my panda-cam pal.

Stalk by stalk, biscuit by biscuit, sweet potato by sweet potato, he handed me the materials to build my happy place. Each day became warmer, more tolerable and calmer. Smiles returned. He and I got stronger and grew. His toddling turned into black-and-white whooshes of energy. I celebrated small victories: Bei Bei didn’t fall out of a tree; I didn’t get charged a late fee for something.

Bei Bei became “Mr. Rumble-Tumble” and “Mr. In-the-Tubby-with-Toys” and, of course, “Mr. Snoozle-Doozle-Lazy-Bones.” I became “Ms. I-Can-Handle-It.” Now, Bei Bei will be “Mr. I’ll-Always-Love-You-No-Matter-Where-You-Are.”

I thank Bei Bei for helping me rediscover love. Live long and prosper, my darling little bear. Thank you, Bei Bei, for, well, just being you.

Roberta Bailey, Orlando