Regarding the Jan. 12 front-page article “Set to retire, Jay Rockefeller may be last of political dynasty”:

I was saddened to learn that Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D) will no longer represent the citizens of West Virginia as their senator. He has ably represented their interests in that office for nearly 30 years. Add to that his other statewide offices and volunteer service in West Virginia, and you have a man worthy of praise.

But instead of thanking him for his service, Mr. Rockefeller’s onetime Republican adversary John Raese had nothing but derision to offer, calling him a “carpetbagger” and mocking his VISTA service by stating he came to “save Appalachia.” I say: Well, at least he tried.

Is it any wonder there is such rancor in Washington? If Mr. Raese won’t say it, I will. Thank you, Senator, for all you’ve done for West Virginia and the United States.

James Peterson, Shady Side