A polar bear in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. (SUBHANKAR BANERJEE/Associated Press)

Regarding Dino Grandoni's Oct. 27 Energy 202 column, "White House has power to let firms drill in large area in Alaska. And drill they will.":

Some places in our nation are simply too special, too sacred to drill. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, one of the last truly wild places, is among them. The refuge supports an impressive diversity of wildlife: caribou, polar bears, wolves, musk oxen and many species of migratory birds.

It's obvious that Congress and President Trump care more about filling the pockets of the oil industry than about Americans, who strongly support protecting the refuge. Our country has a proud, bipartisan tradition of standing together to protect the Arctic against the greed of millionaires and corporate polluters. A majority of Americans do not want to see this precious landscape developed and drilled . This dangerous proposal would put profits over the values of hardworking people.

Eva Endahl, Washington