Two Jan. 19 letter-writers expressed disappointment that President Obama has not made more of a place for women in his administration [“Women overlooked for the Cabinet”]. Reflecting upon my own disappointment with the president in terms of his lack of support for labor, the environment and other issues that are generally favored by Democrats, I must wonder if Mr. Obama’s campaign and election was just a “bait and switch” operation, or if this is just another case of politics as usual.  

Certainly, every candidate has dreams and aspirations and makes honest campaign promises that cannot be realized once he or she achieves office, but the other side of that coin is that a politician is a politician. Many remain in office for a lifetime by learning how to say just the right thing and by keeping their finger on the pulse of public opinion. 

Mr. Obama has proved again and again that he is adept at that. Now if he could only learn to charm Congress the same way he charmed the electorate.

Jan T. McCarthy, Great Falls