The article about the dedication of the Frederick Douglass statue at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center [“Douglass statue arrives at Capitol, his cause in tow,” [news, June 20] did not mention the artist: Steven Weitzman.

On June 19, I had the pleasure of attending the dedication of the Douglass statue, whichhad finally found its much-deserved place in the inner sanctum of our government. Weitzman, an artist who operates a studio in Prince George’s County, created a masterful sculpture of Douglass. Everyone praised its powerful stance and remarkable likeness. Yet the artist’s name was absent from the official program. None of the eight speakers who praised the remarkable life and accomplishments of Douglass mentioned Weitzman, who sat modestly and gratefully in the audience, remembering the years of research and hard work that went into making his own dream come true.

Francoise Yohalem,
Chevy Chase