The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra with music director Marin Alsop in Bethesda in 2010. (Evy Mages/For The Washington Post)

Regarding the June 1 Style article “Baltimore orchestra cancels summer programming”:

The chief executive and the board of directors of our beloved Baltimore Symphony Orchestra must resign.

As a loyal and appreciative BSO season subscriber for more than 30 years, I am appalled, infuriated and utterly disgusted. BSO president and chief executive Peter Kjome and the board have proved themselves unfit stewards. They have squandered our confidence.

The BSO’s world-class musicians have done their best to work with them in good faith. The musicians’ good faith has been spurned and abused by the BSO “leadership.” BSO management canceled the entire summer season only a few weeks after it was announced. Who does such a thing? Now the BSO musicians and their families tragically face a drastic loss of income.

Management did not even have the professional courtesy — or guts — to inform the musicians at rehearsal last Thursday.

I have worked in a consultative capacity with organizations across the country all my professional life, helping them to improve relationships internally and with their customers and clients. This is the worst management behavior I have ever seen.

The BSO’s ability to raise meaningful funds now, in this toxic atmosphere, has been made much more difficult, precisely at the worst possible moment.

There is no good reason Mr. Kjome and the board should be allowed to remain for even one more day.

I would be delighted to help them pack.

John Jay Bonstingl, Columbia