Regarding the Oct. 9 front-page article “Poll shows Romney surge”:

Shortly after the first presidential debate, I began seeing more Mitt Romney posters in and around the little town where I live. Mr. Romney has given many people a feeling of hope for, and confidence in, our country that we haven’t had in a long time. There is a sense of excitement and optimism about the future.

Mr. Romney deserves the opportunity to put his ideas for the country into practice. He deserves the same chance that was given to President Obama four years ago.

Nancy Scott McBride, Sperryville, Va.

In his Oct. 8 Monday Fix column, “This time, candidate Obama’s flaws come to light,” Chris Cillizza said that President Obama has two flaws: He is “a terrible faker” and he is, “at heart, a political pragmatist who relies much more on analysis and caution than gut instinct.” Being a fake and going with your gut might make for a great candidate, but I wonder if those are qualities we really want in a president.

While the president’s debate performance was disappointing, I was not as impressed with Mitt Romney’s overbearing manner as so many in the media seem to be. Was that because, as Mr. Cillizza seemed to be suggesting, Mr. Romney is much better at what makes the better candidate: faking and shooting from the hip?

Richard L. Sheffield, Bel Air