(Daniel Acker/BLOOMBERG)

The July 26 editorial “Don’t recall the ‘Cadillac tax’ ” wrongly asserted that the tax will affect only those with unusually rich health-care plans. The tax will likely affect most health-care plans. According to employer consulting firm Towers Watson, 48 percent of employers believe the plans they provide will be affected by 2018, the first year the tax will be implemented. And that could rise to 82 percent by 2023, Towers Watson found. This is not a “Cadillac” tax — it is a tax that will affect most working Americans. It will not lower the cost of care; it will put quality care out of reach and lower the level of care. The editorial attacked workers who have bargained for and paid for health care through their unions. For millions of workers in multi-employer health-care plans — who have responsibly contributed from their own pockets for generations to obtain quality care and ensure they were not a drag on the system — minimizing the effect of the tax is insulting.

It’s time to stop pretending the tax will affect only someone else. It is not a minor provision, and it is deeply flawed. Unless repealed, it will distort, rather than reform, health care. 

Terry O’Sullivan, Washington

The writer is general president of the Laborers’ International Union of North America.