A cyclist on the Capital Crescent Trail. (Chris Rossi/THE GAZETTE)

Regarding the June 16 Metro article “Judge signals no Purple Line work during lawsuit”:

We already have one of the more remarkable and beautiful traffic mitigation systems in the county: the Capital Crescent Trail. Every day thousands of residents use it to commute to work. Recreational bikers, joggers and dog walkers use this trail every day. On weekends, Rock Creek Parkway is closed to vehicles, and residents can have more than 22 miles of glorious biking in a natural environment alongside Rock Creek without dreaded and deadly cars.

Then there’s the proposed Purple Line, a train. It will require the destruction of acres of trees that won’t grow back for 75 years. The flawed and ugly design calls for the train to be squeezed next to a bike trail along a barren field. It will run behind homes and decrease property values. It will cost double whatever planners estimate. It will destroy the environment. How can anyone claim this is a fair tradeoff?

Some claim it will take cars off the road. But the Purple Line would unleash acres of commercial development along its path, which would increase traffic. Meanwhile, we have a bikeway that could get even more cars off the roads, if it were fully paved and promoted. We are way behind other countries in promoting bicycle use. The Capital Crescent Trail is an opportunity to make up for our lack of effort and vision.

Chuck Sullivan, Bethesda