Regarding Melinda Henneberger’s Feb. 1 She the People column, “A school that acknowledges the job market’s realities,” about Elizabeth Seton High School’s job-centered curriculum, I highly applaud this reality-based effort. But I can’t help but think how times have changed.

As a member of Seton’s first graduating class, in 1963, who had a very respectable grade-point average, I recall my senior counseling session with our “guidance counselor”/principal. When I confided that I dreamed of going to Georgetown University’s Foreign Service School and perhaps joining the newly established Peace Corps, she fervently insisted that it would be so much more meaningful for me to become a nun and devote my life to God as a missionary. In fact, during my entire senior year, I was relentlessly pursued to enter the convent.

I took neither path. I will always regret not following my dream.

Dorothy Green, Fairfax