Regarding Josh Rogin's Jan. 15 op-ed, "China's reach into U.S. campuses":

The China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF) is an independent, nongovernmental, nonprofit organization based in Hong Kong. CUSEF is supported by private donations from individuals and organizations who believe a positive relationship between the strongest developed nation and the most populous, fast-developing nation is essential for global peace and prosperity. Our programs aim to provide a bridge for the people of the United States and China to engage, exchange and, more important, promote mutual understanding regarding the world's most important bilateral relationship. 

Additionally, CUSEF never offered to provide any funding to the China Public Policy Center at the University of Texas nor made any commitment to do so.

CUSEF believes firmly in academic independence and freedom of expression and ensures that these principles are firmly protected in all our programs, partnerships and activities.

Alan Wong, Hong Kong

The writer is executive director of the
China-United States Exchange Foundation.