The April 2 Style article “On the world stage or in the seats, Carter is a theater guy,” reported that the new play “Camp David” “stars Richard Thomas as [former president Jimmy] Carter, Hallie Foote as Rosalynn and Ron Rifkin as Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin.” What about Egypt’s heartthrob actor Khaled Nabawy, who brilliantly portrays Egyptian President Anwar Sadat? This play has only four characters, each one of equal importance to the plot and each one portrayed fairly, with amazing accuracy to the actual characters in the story.

In a question-and-answer session following a performance last week, playwright Lawrence Wright vividly described how thrilled he was to have convinced Nabawy to put on hold some of his acting commitments in Egypt so that he could come to the United States for this production. Nabawy’s Sadat brought some moments of delight in this tense political play by bringing out all the charm and humor Egyptians are known for.

It is a pity that that he was omitted from this article, especially in light of all the bleak pictures coming out of the Middle East.

Farida el-Samman Wozniak, Washington