From the Dec. 7 “Dustin” (sotoar)

While this may seem trivial compared with all of the depressing news going around these days, I had to shudder in disbelief upon reading the seemingly benign Dec. 7 comic strip "Dustin," written by not one but two men (no surprise), both of whom must have been sleeping for the past two months.

In the strip, a science teacher says to a class of what looks like third-graders, "The sun is the hottest body in the solar system, isn't that right, Kurt?" To which Kurt replies, "My dad says it's Kate Upton."

Is this objectification of women, passed down by men to boys at a very young age, supposed to be amusing?

Women are sick of hearing and seeing sexist, racist and clearly insidious slurs. The Post should make sure its comic strips abide by a higher ethical code.

Sally Brucker, Takoma Park