The Dec. 31 Capital Business article “Defense pushes for production of hypersonic weaponry” reported that hypersonic missiles capable of mile-per-second velocities are seen as a growth market worth many billions of dollars.    

The United States already holds a huge strategic advantage over Russia and China combined in possessing a fleet of 14 Ohio-class submarines, each capable of launching 24 Trident ballistic missiles, with each missile capable of launching 12 maneuverable nuclear warheads. That’s 4,032 nuclear warheads.

Buried in the article was the concern of the Arms Control Association that the hypersonic weapons could be mistaken for nuclear-armed missiles, and that the new technology is driving the “investment” (added government debt), rather than a “well-thought rationale based on costs and risks.” When the congressional representatives beholden to the Arms Control Association are measured against the congressional representatives beholden to the defense industry, we will no doubt soon be investing billions in hypersonic weapons.

Ed Houry, Fairfax