Darren McKinney’s April 24 letter amazed me with its reference to global economies and “added value” as reasons why labor’s power will fail. The middle- and upper-income groups will find it hard to have their food produced, roads built and maintained, cars serviced, offices cleaned, hotels staffed, dogs walked, and prescriptions filled by the global economy. It requires feet on the ground and hands at work to cut the grass; feed, market, butcher and cook; fill the potholes; build the houses; put out the fires; and arrest the criminals. If these added-value groups had to do all that for themselves, they’d never have time to add value.  

Be serious, people. Until we have robots, we must have laborers, and if the laborers are starving and wearing rags, the middle class and above will soon be pretty hungry and chilly.  

Susan Collins, Charlottesville