I could not help but wonder whether anyone else remarked on the contrast in coverage about two fires in the Nov. 27 paper.

In “Fire damages New Carrollton apartments,” on the back page of the Metro section, we learn in a short paragraph that eight apartments in this Maryland suburb were destroyed by fire, three additional ones were damaged by water and “several families were displaced by the blaze.” We do not know what became of them or their belongings.

The other, a large item in the Reliable Source column headlined “A diplomatic 911” [Style], covered in great detail a blaze that damaged the District home of Kathy Kemper, tennis coach to, among others, the wives of ambassadors in her Wesley Heights neighborhood. Her “diplomatic” neighbors sprung into action (we even learn what they wore to the fire) and saved artwork, the wine cellar and Kemper’s ball gowns. The family has relocated to a condo.

I can’t exactly blame The Post. I know details of the rich and famous sell papers. Will we ever care enough about those displaced New Carrollton families to want The Post to tell us what happened to them, at least as much as we want to learn what happened to the ball gowns?

Mary Price, Silver Spring