I agree with ombudsman Patrick Pexton [“The Post’s coverage of Vincent Gray,” Sunday Opinions, Dec. 9] that The Post’s continued coverage of city government, including the mayor and D.C. Council, is important to holding city government accountable between elections. Although there are alternative ways by which to monitor national and international developments, The Post is unique in its critical attention to local government.

One need look no further than the same day’s editorial page [“Cleaning Washington’s waterways”] for affirmation: How else would we have known about the city’s ongoing dispute with the Environmental Protection Agency concerning disposition of the District’s sewage outfall and the abrupt dismissal of an accomplished public servant who dared to question the mayor’s plan?

Painful as it might be for Mayor Gray, the city’s leading newspaper has an obligation to keep its readers well-informed, not only about world affairs but also developments closer to home, which have a tangible effect on our daily lives.

Douglas P. Wheeler, Washington