Regarding Colbert I. King’s July 12 op-ed column, “The plague we look away from,” about violence in the District:

For years, we’ve implored elected leaders and residents to support our mission of ending murder in the District. Our guiding principle is “one murder is one murder too many.” Since 2000, we’ve asked three D.C. mayors to institutionalize the work to end murder and pressed to have a comprehensive action plan created that would lead to sustained, strategic steps to end murder in our city. One of the biggest impediments has been the notion that, because there has been less violence than during the District’s worst years, sufficient action has been taken. In a meeting with Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) last year, we likened the situation to an F student suddenly getting C’s and thinking the job is done. As the rising homicide count has shown, we are far from “mission accomplished.”

At a No Murders candidates meeting held with clergy in March, Democratic mayoral nominee Muriel Bowser made a public commitment that if elected, she would convene a task force to create a comprehensive action plan to end murder in the city. We hope other candidates will do the same when we make the request of them. We must be serious and intentional about ending the plague of senseless killings.

David Bowers, Washington

The writer is the founder of No Murders DC.