The Dec. 22 Metro article “Homeless and hungry in D.C. ” drew attention to the hunger crisis in the metropolitan area, but this is not a new phenomenon. District residents have been going hungry for years, and we at Bread for the City and our partners at the Capital Area Food Bank are doing what we can. Unfortunately, the rising cost of food has pushed us nearly $50,000 over our food budget in the first quarter of this fiscal year. Thankfully, our donors stepped up to fill that gap. Because of this generosity, Bread for the City’s food pantry has expanded the service hours of our Seventh Street NW location, expanded our service area to cover all of the city and opened our doors to 2,000 additional D.C. residents.

As the article made clear, the need is growing. For our neighbors most in need, eating, let alone eating well, is not a daily experience. This is not an issue just for the holidays. We are a city whose riches are growing daily. How can we not find the resources to feed “all of us, every one”?

David J. Umansky, Washington

The writer is a member of the board of Bread for the City.