It will be interesting to see the reaction to the Postal Service’s announcement proposing the end of Saturday delivery [front page, Feb. 7]. Like most people, I’m accustomed to receiving mail on Saturdays, but I understand the deteriorating financial outlook given the advent of paperless bills and e-mail. But I’m somewhat surprised that a cost-effective alternative is not being discussed.

Instead of ending Saturday mail entirely, why not have two “half-day” routes: residential-only on Saturdays and business-only on Wednesdays? Many businesses close on weekends anyway, so Saturdays will be only residential area routes. On Wednesdays, business routes need to fully operate, but most people on residential routes won’t be significantly affected by getting what is primarily junk mail and bills one day later.

By splitting up the reduced service over two days, the Postal Service will still be able to serve the people, with minimal inconvenience — at least in the short term.

Michael Wein, Greenbelt

I commend the postmaster general for his decision to end Saturday mail delivery in August. While many in government complain of the huge deficit that our country faces, he is one of a few putting forth a logical plan to save $2 billion a year.

For those quick to criticize, I can only ask: Do you really think that receiving a letter or catalog on a Saturday is worth more than being part of a solution to lowering the debt?

We all created this by relying more on the Internet and e-mail. Now, we must face the consequences. I don’t think we are giving up that much.

Jason Denby, Washington