The Washington Redskins went 10 and 6 and dazzled us all. They came back from a horrible start and won the NFC East. They inspired us with a pair of rookies, Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris, who won the hearts of the D.C. metro area.

However, the only reason the Redskins made the playoffs was the calm, cool and collected backup quarterback Kirk Cousins. He won two crucial games and we let him down. With two minutes left against the Seahawks and the Redskins down by 10, the stands were clearing out. Why would a team that had come so far fight to win when their own fans couldn’t stay in their seats? The Redskins fought hard and lost. The fans pretended to care and abandoned the team.

If there is going to be a team to be proud of, there has to be a fan base that sees things through until the end.

Brynne Burgess, Washington