I salute The Post’s efforts [“Mr. Goodell calls an audible,” editorial, Sept. 13] to persuade Daniel Snyder to change the name of his NFL team, yet I appreciate his reluctance as a businessman to alter such a fundamental attribute of a very lucrative franchise.

The rest of us, however, do not have that excuse. Would most fans refer to a Native American co-worker as “the redskin in the next cube”? Of course not. We’ve evolved as a society, recognizing that it is demeaning to label people by physical characteristics. So if the name is offensive when applied to a fellow human, no amount of spin will make it any less insulting as a team name.

It is not just Mr. Snyder’s responsibility to retire this racist name. It is the moral responsibility of the people who cheer for the team.

Bill Ade, Burke

Regarding the Sept. 16 Sports article “Redskins flattened by Rodgers, Green Bay”:

Whether our team should be called the “Redskins” is a good question (the answer is, it shouldn’t). But a more immediate question is whether it should be called a football team.

One would think that, being a fan for more than 50 years, I would no longer be suckered by the preseason hype about our players. But if the team is so great, why, come game time, are we outperformed at every position?

Sam Longstreet, Alexandria