Regarding the Nov. 27 Style article “Boos for first lady at Baltimore summit”:

At the B’More Youth Summit for Opioid Awareness, students booed first lady Melania Trump. One student explained that he did so because of President Trump’s earlier tweet insulting Baltimore. Although I understand that most students were offended that Ms. Trump visited the city, I argue that the students should have respected Ms. Trump during her speech.

Regardless of our varying political views, Ms. Trump is still the first lady of the United States, the wife of our democratically elected president. Even though I do not approve of Mr. Trump’s personality or all of his policies, I still recognize that he is the president. Certain critics of Mr. Trump disapprove of his closed-mindedness but are closed-minded themselves in their view of the president and his wife. I am not arguing that every American should love and honor Mr. and Ms. Trump but that citizens should respect them as leaders.

To speak at a summit against the opioid epidemic, a problem devastating our country, is an honorable effort, and to protest the first lady during her speech was in an inappropriate setting.

Eban Ebssa, Alexandria