Angel Selah, left, and local artist PFK Boom gather to remember Freddie Gray and all victims of police violence during a rally outside city hall in Baltimore on July 27. (Bryan Woolston/Reuters)

Regarding the July 28 front-page article “All charges dropped in Freddie Gray case”:

Freddie Gray’s death was a grievous miscarriage of justice on every level. The police pursued him simply because he was attempting to avoid an encounter. Gray was then apprehended. He was handcuffed, his legs were shackled, and then he was transported in the back of a police van without being buckled into a seat belt, a common practice in Baltimore (and perhaps elsewhere), part of what is known as giving a “rough ride.” That it resulted in death is only a more serious consequence of the clear intention to injure him.

That, despite what should be considered institutionalized criminal behavior by police, a judge found no reason to convict the officers who were tried leads me to question the criminal justice system.

Archer A. “Tony” Jordan, Alexandria