The front-page obituary of Helen Thomas, “From the front row, pioneering reporter pressed for truth” [July 21], misrepresented the comments that ended her long journalism career.

According to The Post, Thomas told a rabbi that “Jewish settlers” should “get the hell out of Palestine” and go back to Poland, Germany or America. The use of the term “settlers” may have left readers with the mistaken impression that Thomas was referring only to Jews living in the controversial settlement communities in areas of the West Bank that are likely to be part of a future Palestinian state. Anyone who has seen the video capturing Thomas’s infamous remarks knows that she didn’t limit her admonition to settlers. Her comments were directed at all Israeli Jews, including those living within the 1967 borders.

These comments should not be the focus of an otherwise remarkable career that spanned decades. But if The Post is going to address them, get it right.

Micah Zomer, Washington