Thank you for the wonderful article about the Holton-Arms swim team [“Joyful Noise,” Sports, Feb. 4]. The reporter captured the team’s spirit, a quality that characterizes the school in general. Thank you, too, for the terrific online photo montage featuring our swim team.

But I was disappointed in The Post’s Feb. 3 reporting on the Washington Metropolitan Prep School Swim and Dive League championships, which focused on the boys’ competition.

Gonzaga deserves congratulations for its decisive victory, its third in a row. But the girls’ competition was considerably more exciting and interesting.

Holton-Arms won by a half-point, with the outcome determined by the final relay, ending a remarkable eight-year Good Counsel winning streak. Moreover, with Stone Ridge Olympian Katie Ledecky and several other outstanding swimmers, the quality of the girls’ performance was at a level rarely seen in high school.

I would have hoped after the great achievements of our female athletes in last summer’s Olympics, The Post might have adjusted its coverage to recognize a better story involving girls at the high school level.

Susanna A. Jones, Bethesda

The writer is head of school at Holton-Arms School.