On Christmas Eve, I was shocked to see the lead story in The Post was about Edward Snowden [“Edward Snowden: ‘I already won’ ”].

Having obtained access to the secrets of the United States, Snowden betrayed the country in the worst possible way. The photo printed on the front page depicted him enthroned in a chair like Caesar without a crown. Maybe The Post should have put a halo around his head. This story was a slap to the face of this country.

Jacob Oommen, Sterling

I am a lifelong liberal and passionate defender of free speech and freedom of the press. I was, however, troubled by The Post’s front-page glorification of Edward Snowden, whose narcissistic, smug, self-righteous revelation of materials he had obtained broke the oath of secrecy he took. He is therefore a traitor. He should pay for his acts of transgression.

The Post’s placement of the article on the Dec. 24 front page with a large photo and a large headline can only encourage other attention-seeking individuals to act equally inappropriately.

Now, the merit, or lack thereof, of the National Security Agency’s behavior is a separate issue worthy of discussion. 

Linda LeShay Green, Potomac