Suggestions that the GOP needs to move even further to the right [“Party coalition at a crossroads,” front page, Nov. 8] highlight the central issue of the party’s downfall. From Richard Nixon through Bob Dole, I was a Republican, and there are, like me, millions of fiscally conservative Americans who believe that the Democratic Party has never been the best steward of our money.

But a party that continues to tell 50 percent of the population what they can and cannot do with their bodies, 5 percent whom they can marry and 10 percent that they should self-deport is never going to represent what we believe. While we may be fiscally conservative, we also don’t believe that the government should simply stand by while a million auto workers go bankrupt, even as the nation’s wealthiest citizens aren’t asked to contribute their fair share in taxes.

The nation needs two parties offering distinction and choice, but the citizenry needs to know that both will put country first in times of need. The GOP was the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. To paraphrase Reagan’s words about switching political sides, “I did not leave that party. It left me.”

Andrew Carle, Oak Hill