In his Jan. 18 letter “GOP could do more for marriage,” John Heath asserted that the Republican Party should abandon its opposition to same-sex marriage because children in two-parent households, whether heterosexual or homosexual, “do better” than those in single-parent households. Since same-sex marriages are a relatively recent development, the evidence seems to indicate that the presence of two adults, not marriage, is what enables children to do better.

However, a government-recognized marriage is nominally about two adults as a household, not about raising children. All parties, not just the GOP, should insist on the dissolution of a government institution that exists to provide “married” entitlements to couples who want to live together in a sexual relationship that is of no interest to society and provides it no intrinsic benefit. 

If we want to protect children, which we should, then we need laws that separately address families with children. A government marriage license, at best, should only be a statement of intent, without conveying government entitlements and legal standing until children become part of the family.

Michael Cardinale, Springfield