The Dec. 7 editorial “Maximum pressure, maximum carnage” told of the grotesque reality of President Trump’s policy toward Iran. The Obama administration, with its international partners, spent four painstaking years with equal measures of respect and strength to achieve the historic Iran nuclear deal. With Mr. Trump, all the Iran hard-liners and neocon naysayers who did their best to oppose and undermine the Obama achievement got their wish. Chaos, and more chaos to follow, has engulfed the region.

Imagine if Mr. Trump, who knows nothing and does not know he knows nothing and does not care, had the wisdom to build on the Obama deal. This is an agreement backed by the international community that had opened the door to engagement with Iran after 40 years of bitter animosity. And imagine what positive progress in relations with Iran would look like today. Iran, a modern, sophisticated society of more than 80 million, could have been a contributing force for peace all across the Middle East region. How sad.

Fariborz S. Fatemi, McLean

The writer was a staff member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.