Regarding the June 29 front-page article “College athletics’ broken model”:

Readers might note that at the University of Maryland, and elsewhere, the sports that are cut to save football — wrestling, track, tennis — are not those tied to large capital investments like stadiums. You might say that football teams do not play for the university and the alumni; they play to support the capital investment in the stadium that cannot be liquidated otherwise. But the truth is that the cost of the football team and the stadium can not be sustained without outside help.

In fact, this is where the big lie starts in college. Serious-sounding adults lead students to believe that big-time athletics is self-supporting and vital to the reputation to the school. But the truth is that athletics was always meant to be a training tool for all students, as it is at the military academies. Athletics means nothing to the financial success of the average student. No wonder students take loans they do not understand, and cannot or will not pay.

L.G. Williams, Greenville, N.C.