A radiology technologist looks at a chest X-ray of a child with flu symptoms in Thomaston, Ga., in February. (David Goldman/AP)

As a registered radiographic technologist for more than 12 years, I must object to the use of “radiology technician” in the caption of the photograph accompanying the article “Flu killed 172 children this season, highest death toll in nearly a decade” [news, June 9]. A technician is trained to work on machinery. A technologist is a medically trained professional who uses technology to treat and diagnose people.

A technician can service your computer or operate a control panel in a power plant, but a technologist has the ability to provide care and compassion to the patients who rely on him or her for accurate diagnostic imaging procedures. There is a big difference between operating a machine and operating that machine on a living, breathing human being.

Scott Gardner, University Park

The writer is registered with the
American Registry of Radiographic Technologists.