In his Nov. 20 op-ed column, “The callousness of Hamas,” Richard Cohen stated that Israel cares more about “sparing innocent lives” than does Hamas and avoids civilian casualties by using “highly accurate ammunition,” thus pinpointing strategic targets and not firing haphazardly as does Hamas.

Perhaps if the United States had given Hamas the billions of dollars and technical help we have given Israel over the years, the Islamist group also could have acquired highly accurate ammunition to help it kill more discriminately.

Malcolm Lloyd, Fairfax

Regarding the Nov. 22 front-page article “Deal reached to halt Gaza fighting”: The cease-fire between Hamas and Israel is not peace — it’s exhaustion. Israel is exhausted by rockets reaching deep into its heartland as images of Palestinian dead bodies saturate the media. Hamas is exhausted by the crushing siege of Gaza and by the specter of Israeli tanks ready for a ground invasion.

True peace can be established only when Palestinian leaders accept the sovereignty of Israel and stop calling their violent resistance “jihad,” or holy war. True peace also requires Israel to stop the human rights violations against Palestinian civilians and to reverse its policy of building illegal settlements on Palestinian lands.

As long as both sides fail to recognize that the safety of their grandchildren is more important than the legacy of their grandfathers, this cease-fire will not last.

Faheem Younus, Baltimore