Regarding Alexandra Petri’s Sept. 14 op-ed column, “Real you vs. online you: What’s the difference?”:

While your Internet identity may be different from that which you have in real life, it still reflects who you are. I don’t know anyone who goes online and suddenly becomes the worst person in the world. If you act awful on the Internet, it’s probably because you are awful.

Ms. Petri compared talking on the Internet to talking to friends in the privacy of one’s own home. But these aren’t the same thing. The better comparison would be screaming your opinions in the middle of a crowded downtown. Yet even this wouldn’t reach nearly as many people. It is a double-edged sword: The Internet is the best tool the common person has for communicating with a large number of people. While this means we need to be careful and limit what we do in some ways, it also gives us tremendous power.

Jesse Webber, Silver Spring