If Kathleen Parker’s Aug. 11 op-ed column “The joy of creation” sought to take the “media-created mommy wars” down a notch, that dart didn’t even make it to the board, let alone the bull’s-eye.

Ms. Parker neither took a firm stance on one side of the fence, nor did she take a new angle on the discussion of whether to have children. In the end, she only reinforced the tired notion that it’s hard for people to know, for sure, that they don’t want to experience the joys of parenthood. (News flash: It’s not.)

I know it must be shocking, but different people make different decisions about their lives, as they have since time began. Why are we still talking about this? Let’s move on to topics that will improve the quality of life for those who do have families, such as mandated paid maternity leave and subsidized day care.

Magen Howard, Arlington