Regarding the March 25 Metro article “Different from all other Passovers”:

Having been raised in a secular Jewish household where Passover was commemorated by having a box of matzoh on the table, it was a true thrill for me to go through the Seder ritual this week with my son and daughter-in-law, my two grandchildren and two other young couples with their respective offspring.

We didn’t have live frogs in a cage. We didn’t recast the four questions in “Jeopardy!” game-show mode. Our Seder wasn’t “interactive”; it was interpersonal. We did the best we could, with three boys ages 3 to 5 and three infants 6 months and younger, to do an abbreviated reading of the Haggadah, to ask the four questions, to flick wine/lemonade for the 10 plagues, to sing “Dayenu,” and to let the boys find the afikoman (hidden matzoh). Already, my grandson remembers these rituals from last year.

All things considered, the trend to make Seders more “engaging” may ultimately result in today’s panacea for all complaints: a Passover app.

Lois A. Engel, Washington